Goodgame Empire Hack Free Public Release

Goodgame Empire Hack
Goodgame Empire Hack
Goodgame Empire Hack is the first free working cheat that help you to edit your amount of goods like rubies, coins, wood, stone and food.

Our hack is one of the best because it has a very friendly GUI and also we can make updates if the game has been updated.

Once the project was started we decided to keep the things as simple as possible without many visible options that will apply the hack but in the end we added just Proxy and Detect Settings features.

We show off those two options because Goodgame Empire Hack does not include an unlimited list of proxies and in some cases depending of your internet connection is no need of them.
Another fact that makes our hack unique among all hacks and cheats available on the Internet is that has inbuilt detection of the browser that you playing through.

Note: Thanks to razAx for his contributions on this project!

   - Add rubies, coins, wood, iron, food feature
   - Use Proxy
   - Detect Settings

How to use:
   - Open your default browser
   - Log in into Goodgame Empire account
   - Launch the hack
   - Insert amount of goods
   - Check Use Proxy
   - Check Detect Settings
   - Press Add goods!
   - Enjoy!


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Last Reviews:

  1. hey! looks awesome

  2. it will be very usefull THX

  3. is there any way to get banned?

    1. NO , i use this and didn't had any problems


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