Imperia Online Hack Free Public Release

Imperia Online Hack
Imperia Online Hack
Our programmers had released Imperia Online Hack that allows you to add resources like wood, iron, stone, gold or diamonds  on your account.

The game is unique among all browser-based games, a medieval real-time strategy one which is based on developing your own empire and compete with other players.

Instead of wasting time to collect these resources you could use this hack to do the job for you.

If you don't have enough gold or diamonds you should not think about this anymore because Imperia Online Hack will do the job with just one click.

An important feature is represented by our custom auto updater that will apply if there are available any updates.Also you can find usage instructions in the program by clicking on "How to use Imperia Online Hack?".

Soon we will include new lists of proxies from different countries.

These are some of the simplest features that represents the base of Imperia Online Hack and will remain available as long as the game exists.

   - Add wood
   - Add iron
   - Add stone
   - Add gold
   - Add diamonds
   - Proxy System

How to use:

   - Open your default browser
   - Log in into your Imperia Online account
   - Open the hack 
   - Insert amount of desired resources
   - Press on Proxy
   - Select a country
   - Select a proxy
   - Press Add resources



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