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CrossFire Free Hack Cheat
CrossFire Hack/Cheat
CrossFire is a first-person shooter released for Microsoft Windows and played in multiplayer mode. The game has thousands of players online so if you haven't heard of CrossFire you need to take it right now.

CrossFire Hack is a free cheat released for all players which are looking for a good program that includes full aimbot, esp, radar, no recoil and more.

Right after we finished the War Thunder Hack we started to work on CrossFire Hacks and new Crossfire Cheats that will help you to defeat your opponents.

In CrossFire you play the role of a Black List or Global Risk mercenary fighting with the other one and comple different objective-based scenarios.

There are many weapons from pistols, machine guns to shotguns and rifles, all of them having it's  own shooting style.

The hack can be easily integrated because it's simple to activate and once you have tested it you will be addicted to the game.

Hack Usage:
           - Launch the hack
           - Launch the game
           - Press HOME for activation
           - Navigate through menu options and enable what you prefer
           - Press DEL for deactivation  

Hack Features:

       Aimbot :
     - Autoshoot
     - Silent Aim
     - No Spread
     - Auto Wall
     - Anti Aim
     - Recoil X/Y
     - Aim Smooth
     - Aim FOV
     - Aim Key
     - Hitbox
     - No Recoil
     - Trigger
     - Trigger Box
     - Trigger Key

        ESP :
     - Chams
     - Name
     - Weapon
     - Bone
     - Enemies
     - Far
     - Box
     - Health

       Chams :
     - Enemy Visible
     - Enemy Invisible
     - Friends Visible
     - Friends Invisible

       Radar :
     - Show Radar

     - Bunnyhop
     - Autopistol
     - No Smoke
     - Speedhack
     - Spawn Protection
     - Speed Control
     - Crosshair
     - Speed Key
     - Speed Value

       Anti-Cheats :
     - VAC3 Undetected
     - Secure Hack Streaming System

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