Battlefield Play4Free Hack Public Release

Battlefield Play4Free Hack
Battlefield Play4Free Hack
Battlefield Play4Free Hack is a free cheat released with features like aimbot, esp,  2d radar and few others.

Battlefield Play4Free is a first-person shooter video game developed by E.A and released for Microsoft Windows.

What does make the difference between our hack and other is the fact that ours has fewer features and is free instead of any cheats provider that will give it to you in exchange of tens of dollars.

This cheat is undetected and is no need to install any products in order to make it functional.

           - Launch the cheat
           - Launch the game
           - Press HOME for activation
           - Navigate through menu options and enable what you prefer
           - Press DEL for deactivation


- No Spread
- No Shake
- Auto Fire
- Auto Fire Delay
- Auto Predict
- Visibility Checks
- Bone Scan
- Stick To Target
- Aim At Vehicles
- Max Distance
- Prediction Modifier
- Aim Key
- Aim Style
- Primary Bone

- 2D Box
- Name ESP
- Distance ESP
- Weapon ESP
- Health ESP
- Tracer ESP
- Show Friendly
- Vehicle Check
- Target Check
- Visibility Check ESP
- Max Distance ESP

2D Radar:
- Show Cross
- Show Background
- Show Border
- Show Friendly
- Transparency Slider
- Radar Size Slider

- 3rd Person View
- Custom Crosshair
- View Distance


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