AA3 - America's Army 3 Hack Free Public Release

AA3 - America's Army 3 Hack
AA3 - America's Army 3 Hack
America's Army 3 Hack is a free cheat released for AA3 players with features like aim, triggerbot, esp, 2d and 3d radar, no recoil, no spread and more.

The cheat had to be released on April but we made some changes and we decided to publish it on May.
These delays were due to the fact that we had some difficulties to adapt our hack on the Unreal Engine 3.

America's Army 3 is a tactical shooter game where the player play the role of an U.S Army soldier.
AA3 Hack is undetected, efficient, very easy to use and is not need to install any products in order to make it functional.

We presented above some of the features but here is a full list.

           - Launch the hack
           - Launch the game
           - Press HOME for activation
           - Navigate through menu options and enable what you prefer
           - Press DEL for deactivation 

Cheat Features:

- Auto Aim
- Auto Fire
- Smooth Aim
- Limit Angle
- Use Aim Key
- Ping Prediction
- FPS Prediction
- Prediction Scale
- Visibility Check
- Aim Style (FOV, Distance, First in list, Health)
- Aim Bone (Bone Scan, Head, Chest)
- Aim on Friendly
- Aim on Enemy
- Max Distance
- Hard Lock
- Draw Locked

- Triggerbot
- Use Trigger Key
- Fire Delay
- Trigger on Friendly
- Trigger on Enemy
- Max Distance

3D Radar:
- Bounding Box (None, 2D, 3D)
- Box Size
- 2D Line
- Player Name ESP
- Player Distance ESP
- Player Health ESP
- Head Dot
- Dot Size
- Aim Laser
- Grenade ESP
- Pickup ESP
- Show Friendly
- Show Enemy
- Max Distance

- Customizable Enemy Invisible RGBA Color
- Customizable Enemy Visible RGBA Color
- Customizable Friendly Invisible RGBA Color
- Customizable Friendly Visible RGBA Color
- Customizable Grenade RGBA Color
- Customizable Pickup RGBA Color
- Customizable Crosshair RGBA Color
- Customizable Menu RGBA Color

2D Radar:
- Show Radar
- Show Cross
- Show Window
- Show Dot
- Show Friendly
- Show Enemy
- Stick To Window
- Radar Scale
- Crosshair Size
- Draw Resolution
- Draw FPS
- Draw Time
- Draw Watermark
- Use Panic Key
- No Recoil
- No Sway
- No Spread

- Punkbuster Undetected
- PB Shield
- PBSS Cleaner
- Secure Hack Streaming System


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