Battlefield Heroes Hack Free Public Release

Battlefield Heroes Free Hack Cheat
Battlefield Heroes Hack/Cheat
Battlefield Heroes is a great action video game with over 10 million players developed by EA available for Microsoft Windows.

This is the second version of Battlefield Heroes Hack, a better one with important improvements and features like aimbot, esp, 2D and 3D Radar, no recoil, no spread and more.

Our free hack is in competition with other hacks and we hope that ours will give you the skills and accuracy that you want.

If you are looking for a safe cheat without errors and undetected then you must try it.

If you find a bug please leave a comment bellow and we will fix it as soon as possible and we will update the download links.

The cheat was made for public use and if you get it you have it forever.

           - Launch the cheat
           - Launch the game
           - Press HOME for activation
           - Navigate through menu options and enable what you prefer
           - Press DEL for deactivation  

Cheat Features:
  • Aimbot :
    • No Spread
    • Visibility Checks
    • Aim Styles (Off, When firing, Full auto)
    • Targeting Styles (Closest Target, Closest to crosshair, Highest Threat, Lowest Health, etc.)
    • SlowAim (Off, On) (+ Configurable slow aim speed)
    • AimAngle (Off, On) (+ Configurable autoaim rotation angle)
    • AutoFire (Off, On)
    • FriendlyFire (Off, On)
    • Aim At Stealth players (Off, On)
  • Radar :
    • 3D Radar (Off, On) (+ Configurable for Players, Vehicles, Grenades, Flags, etc.)
    • 2DRadar (Off, On) (+ Configurable radar scale)
    • Cross (Off, Cross, Dot, Box, Bounding Box)
    • Info Styles (Distance, Playername, Weaponname, Health, Armour)
    • Healthbars (Off, On)
  • Visuals :
    • 2D Box ESP
    • Distance ESP
    • Customizable Visibility Colors
  • TriggerBot :
    • TriggerBot (Off, On)
    • TriggerStyle (Instanthit, BulletSpeed and Bulletdrop)
  • Miscellaneous :
    • No Recoil
    • No Spread
  • Protection :
    • Threat Warning (Off, On)


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Last Reviews:

  1. Skrillex addiction ;x

  2. There are a lot of positive reviews for this hack and is rated very well. Now I download and try it. I will come back with another review.

  3. Lol, it works just like in the video and is free, ty!

  4. It is awesome, I just paused the game and came with my reviews as I promised.
    The hack has all the featured mentioned above, the hack navigation is simple structured and easy to use.
    Thank you CracksDB !

  5. is working :beer: :D


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